Our website is designed to meet the highest standards of security and privacy and to meet the requirements of HIPAA and other regulations and laws. Internet access requires a unique username and password. Clients are able to track dictation/transcription, view, modify, print and delete their transcribed medical records. Our server is physically secure and protected from criminal acts and utility and equipment failures.

Voice files are received by our transcriptionists through a secure VPN connection. This connection is utilized by Lanier VXP Player which delivers the voice files to our transcriptionists.  Below, you will find information about this system and its security.

Secure Data Transaction
VXP Player’s voice files and transcribed documents are transmitted via TCP/IP, rather than simple email attachments as many other systems do. VXP’s method of delivery breaks data into a multitude of packets and sends them across multiple Internet routes, rendering the interception of your data virtually impossible.

Audit Trail
Over 20 status codes and other historical information – contained within a searchable database – provide the ability to track the various states of a document’s lifecycle.

VXP Player is fully compatible with many encryption and VPN solutions, which may be implemented for additional VXP Player security. Other VXP solutions can fully employ Windows- and Internet-based security options and features.

Multi-Level Security Settings
Allows an administrator to set up to 10 different, customizable sets of access rights for users. The level of security provides the ability to grant or deny access to features/functions.

Hacker Alerts
Notifies the administrator of unauthorized access attempts when a user has unsuccessfully tried to login to the VXP system three times.

Automatic Disabling Feature
Automatically disables a user’s ability to login once three unsuccessful attempts have been committed.

Password Protection
Automatically disables the functionality of the VXP Manager, Player, VXP Internet Server, and telephone access if login is not accompanied by successful password authentications.

Password Configuration
Provides the ability to define the required field length for all user passwords and force the users to change their passwords after a user configurable period of time.

Invalid User Disconnect
Macro language may be employed to automatically end the login session when the user enters an invalid user ID.


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