Dictation is accomplished by use of local telephone lines or toll-free telephone lines, download from health facility dictation systems or handheld devices. Below are listed features of our dictation system.

Open Architecture
In many cases, VXP clients can be deployed on existing hardware. This allows for a more immediate, simplified implementation and substantial cost savings, as expenditures on new equipment are minimized.

Fault Tolerance
Comprised of 2 or 3 servers, each is capable of operating as a standalone, but are configured to function as a single integrated system. In the event of a major server malfunction, each remaining server contains all copies of voice, data, and applications and continues to operate unaffected with the remaining resources. This provides greater security, reliability, and efficiency.

Macro Scripting Language
VXP provides a customized and extremely powerful macro scripting language, which gives it the most flexibility of any dictation solution on the market today. Due to this customizable resource, VXP is capable of adapting to unusual workflow requirements. end-user functionality, system emulation and uploading/offloading.

Exports ASCII or HL-7
Exports document information (ASCII or HL-7) for interfacing with transcription, chart deficiency, radiology, or other systems. This creates greater overall efficiency and accuracy as information can be inserted automatically into a disparate system.

Automated System Cleanup
Automatically cleans up your system according to customized settings on a recurrent, specified time. This ensures more efficient system performance.

Automated Backups
VXP’s archive settings can be configured to automatically copy voice files and User Profile information to a networked drive, tape, or CD writer. This prevents the loss of data and saves time by automating the backup process. This means that recovery is facilitated in the event of equipment failure.

Automatically purges the oldest voice file that have been marked as Transcribed (Signed Off) or Offloaded and writes all management information to an archive file. This guarantees that your system will be able to accept/store incoming dictation and requires less administration intervention.

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